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what is the function of connecting rod bearing,main bearing,crankshaft bearing ?

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Default what is the function of connecting rod bearing,main bearing,crankshaft bearing ?

help please !
cant find any thing on net !
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why do you need to know mate i don't mean to sound harsh but if you knew much about the engine it would be self explanetary.

all these bearing are not normal bearings as i believe you would think, they are flat circles of multi compound soft metals to create a surface that won't damage the moving parts under load, and wears out according.

the connecting rod bearing wraps around the crank and then has the con rod bolted around it, also known as the big end bearing, and the little end bearing is at the top of the con rod holding the piston in place, and is incorperated into the con rod and hole unit needs replacing.

a main bearing i believe is the bearing the goes onto the centers of the crankshaft and is held on with metal caps to the block, i also thought this was a crankshaft bearing but could mean the bearings on the end of each side of the crank.
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Your explanation is right.

Main bearings hold the crank to the block

big end or crank bearings or shells (all the same) are the bearing between the connecting rod and the crank. Big end at the bottom, small end with the gudgen pin, holding the piston to the rod.

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their function is to turn the bang of combustion into rotation in the flywheel by allowing the parts they connect to move

hence the word connecting rod as it connects the piston to the crackshaft
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