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Fat loss (again)

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Default Fat loss (again)

I know how, but I'm a bit curious. The question'll be answered in a couple of months, but still, I'd like to know.

I should have have my six-pack back underneath this slight layer of fat , but if I tense my stomach, I can trace the muscle, but still appear to have a minor 'overhang', which doesn't make sense.

First to admit I don't know quite how fat works. I just know that MacDonalds make it... is there some more hiding somewhere else?

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Not quite certain what your asking here Steve, sorry

Muscle fibre is almost exclusively below teh layer of fat, so what your feeling is the muscle beneath the fat. The overhang is teh fat covering and it tends to concentrate, on men, around teh waistline.

You can have the muscles ofe Arnold S no problem, and be as strong as him too, but with 32% bodyfat like me you would still look a fat bastard.

Notice powerlifters, whom are pretty much the strongest of all the sportsmen, usually look quite overweight? The fat they retain adds strength to the joints, but underneath the fat they are huge muscular animals.

Hope i havent totally misunderstood your question and spouted 5mins of shite
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Cheers Stu i know what I mean, I'm just not articulating it well :/

Okay, if I put it a little better, I know I have a covering layer of flab, but if I tense up and press my finger into my stomach, where the muscle stops, it still 'overhangs' my belt slightly, if that makes sense.

Just doesn't add up to me, to my mind, it should be flat.
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Nah beer is the biggest cause of weightgain, far more than Mcdonalds. It attacks the liver and slows down metobolism so if you drink regularly a couple of times a week even, then everything you eat in your drinking stage will not be used/broken down as it would a non drinker. Then theres the huge calories on top.

Not sure about your issue, sounds like you need to get out running.
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