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Default MK4 (Lx) Front Fog lights installation

Yes, another front fog lights installation issue!

I'll keep it short:
  • Car wasn't fitted with front fog lights, obtained a switch, orangey solenoid, lights and supported bumper grill
  • Interior Switch connector and cable located behind the dashboard, but there is no fog light(s) connector located behind the front bumper
  • Plan to wire it all myself, but being a perfectionist I've opted to place solenoid and fuse within the fusebox under the bonnet as it would be like from factory
  • My fusebox assembly looks like this, I cannot seem to get access to "underneath" the fuse and solenoid assembly to modify, any ideas??
  • Cabling looks crammed for interior on earth would I even get a wire into the cabin from the bonnet fusebox??
  • Has anyone done this before with the same configuration and how was it achieved??
  • In the Haynes manual it mentions connecting a pole from the interior switch into the Multifunction Electronics Module along with one pole from the relay energising coil...any idea why they do this? Can I not just connect the energising coil to a supply rail?
Any help is appreciated!
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