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Default Zzz...Zzz sleeper granada

After several years of faithfull service, i wanted something new..

I was about to buy a fully prepped r32 skyline from japan, but made a last minute decision - everybody can buy a car, but not everbody can modify a car... so i opted for contiuning with the old ford... after all i have owned it for 12 years and am quite fond of it! ;-P

The easy way that most people choose, is not for me , everyone can buy a new car change oil and fill fuel , but not everybody can build a car that...and the latter kind of rise the stakes a bit

We will give it new just about everything basicly, as you will see in this thread.

Engine will be based on a heavily modified twin turbo charged FORD GT/Shelby GT500/koeniggsegg engine/ (they use ford mod motors - more info on that here : ( ), but with far more robust internals fitted, and a whole host of one off parts fabricated to specification by us wich is necessary to achieve the very high performance criteria set for the project.

Transmission is built in california by liberty.

This is going to be a hypercar humiliator, and you may quote me on that...

This is what she looked like when it had the 600rwhp Ford Cosworth YB engine just before we tore her down for her final evolution

Name:  granada.jpg
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Name:  zzzzzz.jpg
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Today (2010), she looks like this :

Name:  297838_10150371974910409_546640408_10106178_1882210314_n.jpg
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Name:  301549_10150361211550155_695150154_10244202_1847258616_n.jpg
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So , to the build, read trough this thread and you can watch her "rebirth as a real Zzzleper and a supercar slayer

New rear suspension off a mustang cobra R, wich obviously is going to have some major mods as well, duo to both the power levels we will be running and beacuse the original design of it has quite a few flaws..

Name:  cobrairs2.jpg
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WE had to make som space..

Name:  DSC01315.jpg
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dummy engine on place :

Name:  DSC01349.jpg
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