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Default Ag motorsport carbon focus cossie **** bhp time attack sept 2013

Right here we go again went up n saw andrew tonight he was just back from M Sport picking up his new body kit all carbon
He isnt buying a new shell he is his building the car around the bodykit Its going to be so much lighter than the old car
Here is a few pics

Name:  Newfoucscarbon017.jpg
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Name:  Newfoucscarbon016.jpg
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Name:  Newfoucscarbon015.jpg
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Name:  Newfoucscarbon014.jpg
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Name:  Newfoucscarbon018.jpg
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Name:  Newfoucscarbon019.jpg
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Name:  Newfoucscarbon012.jpg
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Name:  Newfoucscarbon011.jpg
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Name:  Newfoucscarbon010.jpg
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Just look how light the rear spoiler is keny is holding it up with one finger the spoiler on the old car is really heavy & wouldnt be possible to hold it with one hand
Name:  Newfoucscarbon021.jpg
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Name:  Newfoucscarbon020.jpg
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New oholins shocks
Name:  Newfoucscarbon005.jpg
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The old foucs de stickerd for charie
Name:  Newfoucscarbon024.jpg
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Name:  Newfoucscarbon025.jpg
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Name:  Newfoucscarbon026.jpg
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Focus rear quarters joined up with carbon inner arch & rear bumper
Name:  Newfoucscarbon022.jpg
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Name:  Newfoucscarbon023.jpg
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Look at the difference in wings
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