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  1. Escort S2 turbo
  2. Mk1 focus rs
  3. Red escos, bournemouth tonight
  4. Saw this little beaut down Specialised Engines today!!!
  5. Red 3dr on the m27
  6. Spotted white Saph cosworth
  7. Tidy X plate mk 5 cortina Bouremouth
  8. spotted cosworth monte porcelanosa bathrooms chilwel
  9. G559 GRP
  10. Magenta saph southend on sea
  11. Black S2 in Helpston, Peterborough
  12. 2wd saff J179SBS OR SIMIILAR oldbury to brierley hill
  13. White Escort RS - A406
  14. kitted escort on police interceptors on ch5
  15. Mint red h plate rs convertible m25
  16. G plate White Sapphire Plymouth
  17. red focus on m25
  18. 2x saphs on m4 ..
  19. Whos car is this?
  20. Black/Flint Grey H plate saff Braintree
  21. Moonstone 3dr Cosworth, Balham high Road London
  22. Mallard Esc Cosworth Kings Lynn
  23. SPOTTED: FRST Norton Fitzwarren, Taunton
  24. black escos, waldridge co durham
  25. Escort cosworth
  26. S1 at Oulton Park BTCC
  27. Blue Cossie RS, M25 South
  28. rs1600i's today was it you???
  29. BLACKPOOL PROMENADE / F Reg Saff, Friday Night.
  30. red capri + white xr2 in wigan
  31. white f reg saff, by rainham Tesco.
  32. mk1 mexico..
  33. Mint S1 turbo ring road Bristol tonight
  34. Escort Cosworth
  35. focus rs mk2 white
  36. mk1 ford escort, folkestone kent
  37. Black RS500 and 4 Mk1 Escorts A66 penine route
  38. Mk1 rs2000
  39. Saff cossie Orpington
  40. Silver mk2 escort RS2000 and blue/ grey mk3 escort RS16I
  41. S1 red bridge
  42. Red MK4 Escort estate
  43. White 3Door A47
  44. mk1 escort
  45. spotted RS500
  46. mk7 fiesta, mk3 focus air tech, tilbury.
  47. mercury grey s2 rs turbo Ashford
  48. British GT - Oulton Park
  49. Moonstone saff Cossie at the Jolly Farmer meet last night...
  50. Green focus rs kettering
  51. Mk1 focus rs East Kilbride
  52. Blue Escos in the Sheldon Harvester??
  53. G480 mercury grey s2
  54. White J Reg Saph 4x4 Sunderland
  55. white fiesta turbo..North wales. in tesco
  56. Moonstone Saph - Peterborough
  57. black 3 door shell - a127
  58. Red focus st tilbury
  59. K538KNN Nouveau Red - Any history? - was from Bristol
  60. Green MK1 Escort Stansted
  61. D100 ANH
  62. mk1 focus rs Tunbridge Wells.
  63. Saph Cossie (Sun 23rd) nr Mold North Wales
  64. white 3dr sierra cosworth in newcatle under lyme
  65. rs500 paddock wood.
  66. Mk1 frs washington
  67. Moonstone saph cossie west wickham
  68. Mint standard moonstone saff cossie Southend seafront
  69. Black 3DR Cosworth, Sainsburys/Aldi Mansfield.
  70. S1 rst in prestwick
  71. White S2 RST Tameside near Tescos
  72. Red MK4 Escort estate Brinnington Cresent
  73. Moonstone 3dr a40 towards london next to raf northolt
  74. Grey S2 RS Turbo, Sutton in Ashfield.
  75. new shape blue fiesta st
  76. Black Sierra rs cosworth 3dr 16.02.2014
  77. FW Focus RS mk2 Blue wheels Whitburn
  78. Black Saff, A12 Witham/Chelmsford
  79. Black RS Turbo S2 Stockport
  80. Gold mk2 Granada Saloon A132 Wickford
  81. Grey RS Turbo Southend?!
  82. Black s2 escort rs turbo mitcham south London
  83. Yellow/Black mk2 Escort
  84. Grey mk4 escort gravesend
  85. Red mk2 FRS, Billericay
  86. Mk2 focus rs gravesend
  87. White mk1 fiesta being trailered A127 Basildump 8pm
  88. Dodgy AA patrolman in Watford
  89. Red escort cabby Chelmsford
  90. mk1 focus rs 'da03'
  91. blue saph gravesend
  92. Sierra RS500 Cosworth
  93. 5dr mk4 ford escort ashford kent..
  94. mk2 cortina on a recovery truck?
  95. Mercury grey s2 escort turbo
  96. white mk2 RS and matt black S2
  97. Ultimate Green Mk2 FRS Beeswing pub Kettering
  98. mint mercury grey s2 on a127 towards gallows corner
  99. Red mk4 Escort estate, Billericay
  100. Green MK2 FRS A47 Saturday evening
  101. Black Saph M6/M69
  102. Black focus st gravesend
  103. Blue Orion and frst lakeside!
  104. Focus rs
  105. White 3 Door Huntingdon
  106. Black 3dr Maldon Tesco :D
  107. white 3door
  108. Red mk2 xr2 in Forfar
  109. focus RS mk1 ashford B&Q
  110. Lime green Mk4 cab stockport
  111. green mk2 escort hull
  112. White mk4 fezz Bedfordshire
  113. White mk2 focus rs gravesend
  114. Black E plate RS500, Basildump/A127 sliproad
  115. S1 RST Rhosesmor
  116. Mk 1 Focus RS HMS Collingwood
  117. escos Mottram road. Stalybridge today? ?
  118. RS03 EMO Focus RS Asda Kettering.
  119. white saph cos, uttoxeter
  120. mk2 escort in otford, seven oaks?
  121. New transit with a awesome plate
  122. My first escort rs turbo G298 VGS
  123. 5dr mk3 escort, RS1600i spoilers Wickford
  124. Grey mk3 escort poss GUS?
  125. yellow escos on a flatbed truck, braintree
  126. Magenta saph cos north london
  127. very nice rs1600i in skegness today
  128. Magenta saph cos,bayford meadows
  129. just seen an escos, is it yours?
  130. silver saph chigwell essex
  131. Mk2 Escy Fulbridge rd/dogsthorpe
  132. Mk2 XR2 near Dogsthorpe roundabout..
  133. Flint grey saff cossie
  134. Bright green fiesta and escort cosworth Basildon
  135. Orange mk3 escort estate
  136. White cab a46 stratford
  137. rs 500 sierra on A130 towards chelmsford
  138. White xr2 in Maidstone
  139. White Escos Paisley
  140. c reg series one in hemel today
  141. mk1 mexico ellesmere port
  142. Black XR3 (carb!) Leigh on sea this morning
  143. moonstone blue saff cossie
  144. White EsCos, Grays, Essex
  145. Moonstone 3door A132 Wickford, 7.30am
  146. mk3 escort poss rs1600i/xr3i/???
  147. white mk1 mexico red stripe basildon
  148. White Escort Cosworth Leeds
  149. white escort RS turbo wye, kent
  150. Decked 4i Orpington
  151. mk2 fiesta ockendon
  152. Blue FRS
  153. Grey escos washington
  154. Anybody around the Mansfield area own a white Sapphire Cosworth?
  155. black escort S2 rs turbo
  156. white 3dr cosworth west lothian area
  157. focus rs tenterden?
  158. Fez Turbo Red in Enfield
  159. Mondeo ST220 on Hamilton Road, Mansfield.
  160. S1 Exmouth
  161. mercury grey s2 dunstable tesco this afternoon (10th)
  162. Mk2 Fiesta Brinnington Stockport
  163. White sapphire cosworth
  164. mk1 escort
  165. Saph cossie
  166. Escort nuneaton
  167. D72 COS white 3dr
  168. Sierra GT estate on A13
  169. Black H Reg S2 Escort RS Turbo - BP Garage Wessington Way Sunderland this afternoon
  170. Matt black Sierra Estate
  171. white saph and white s2 leigh on sea essex
  172. 2 Bellends in 2 Fiesta ST's
  173. Mk1 Focus rs lakeside?
  174. Escort van on escos rims
  175. Spotted - K Plate Smokestone Saff - Aintree
  176. magenta saph southend seafront
  177. k plate escos A66
  178. mini meet at xscape in milton keynes
  179. Escort and puma in chafford
  180. B200 ORY series one in bilston
  181. Mallard Escos + FRP A1060 chelmsford ish
  182. orange 3dr m40
  183. ford fiesta xr2.. ashford kent............................................ha lfords...
  184. green focus RS asda, ashford kent
  185. White PUG 205 @ Combe today??
  186. blue escos, basildon
  187. White E reg Saph Triumph roundabout, Hinckley
  188. flint grey sierra sapphire on grey compomotives... ashford kent
  189. Ford gt40 race car Preston
  190. D*** LMD
  191. Mallard escos & White Saff cos
  192. Moonstone 3dr canterbury
  193. Escort Rs turbo turbo and Granada Cosworth Leeds
  194. B18 COS
  195. red escort mk4 rs turbo a4 Heathrow
  196. white escort rs turbo van slough
  197. RS200 replica in chesterfield
  198. Escos tintwhistle
  199. Focus RS mk1 in Bristol
  200. Moonstone 3dr m25
  201. RS52 M** MK1 Focus RS Park Royal
  202. Imperial blue escos Bristol ring road
  203. C5 SSV - 4x4 Sapphire Cosworth Flint grey in Ipswich, Suffolk
  204. White 3 Door Bradford YOI ***
  205. White Gartrac caged s1 on a trailer manchester
  206. bridlington series 1
  207. P4** COS
  208. K reg White Fiesta turbo Whitehaven.
  209. Crystal Blue Saph Cossie in Chesterfield.
  210. White s2 rs turbo A194 whitemere pool
  211. white s2 rs
  212. Matt Black Capri Trusham
  213. cars ive seen this weekend in Essex!
  214. black xr4i and white mk2 rs2k
  215. Moonstone Saph, Westfields Shepards Bush London
  216. H Reg Magenta Saff Cossie A47 Wisbech
  217. grey fiesta rst
  218. white S2 rst barkway
  219. red escort rs turbo in slough
  220. Spotted red escort cosworth
  221. green mk1 mexico in saltburn........
  222. Light Brown Mark 3 Escort Estate- Asda the Jewel Edinburgh
  223. Moonstone 3 dr by Star City Brum
  224. Moonstone 3dr d11 kyb spotted m27 Southampton
  225. Moonstone? 3 door pontefract
  226. Black sierra cosworth
  227. Black S2 turbo
  228. White 3 door on A329
  229. mk1 focus rs on Kingston upon thames bridge
  230. Green xr3i cab
  231. Black saff 4x4 " daz "
  232. mk1 focus rs in croydon
  233. Spotted on the new road in Edmonton
  234. White track escos
  235. 2 x XR3's in bakewell
  236. 2 3dr's & a Saff in Ruthin
  237. C500 *** Sandgate, Kent
  238. Black sierra cos 3dr iron bridge
  239. Very nice clean series 1 Bedford
  240. C 259 DYD - My old xr3i
  241. Escort RS turbo, Swindon.
  242. K plate esc cossie Dunstable
  243. caspian blue 16i a46
  244. Saffcos on A50 near Sandyford
  245. 3 dr Cossie canterbury
  246. Focus RS500 on the M5 by Droitwich ***With Photo***
  247. Aberdeen - White s2 rs turbo
  248. Escos in south Oxhey
  249. Sierra saloon hattersly
  250. Series one chislehurst

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