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starting mondeo tdci after fuel filter change

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Default starting mondeo tdci after fuel filter change

anyone know why my 02 plate mondeo tdci won't start after fuel filter change, new oil, and air filter.

it just cranks over forever but does not fire up?

any help would be appreciated guys

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A lot of newer diesel cars are very hard to bleed the fuel though to the injectors after changing the fuel filter, we make sure we fill the new filter with diesel before fitting it, but if you haven't done that then tow starting it always works great had to do this on a vectra last week, or use easy start in the inlet to get it to suck the diesel though but it does make a bad diesel knock when its trying to start on the easy start, the choose is yours. good luck.

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for those diesils that dont have the manual hand pump for the fuel filter, the best way is to turb the ignition on and off several times, each time for 10-20 secs, priming the pump, works well on the vauxhalls.
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the reason it will not start is because there will be air in the fuel have to prime the filter on the tdci mondeos. you need either a hand primer or sum way of sucking the fuel through the filter untill it come out the feed.
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yeah just prime the thing with your hand if it has one or keep activating the fuel pump by flicking the ignitionon and off, its just air in the fuel lines.
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I did a focus tdci last year and that was the same. I put some diesel in the fuel filter and when it fired up i just kept a few revs on to get the diesel through.
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as above; put some diesel in the filter - they are a right pain!
some 'easy start' may help
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I have just done the same on my 04 130 tdci mondeo and it too will not start I tried cranking with the return pipe off (in 10 second bursts) but still no luck. My last mondeo was a 115 tdci and this had a connection on the supply and return, just in front of the timing cover,I use to not fill the new filter and split the return as mentioned above in front of timing cover and after five or six 10 second cranks with 10 second rests,reconnected the return line and away she ranHowever on the 130 04 I have now the lines run all the from the filter too the pump. So not having any deisel spare at home I think I will try again tommorow I might have to put the old filter back on as it should still have the fuel in it as i didnt invert it,try and start it,go buy a fuel can (mine has petrol in it) fill it and start againWhat dose one use to fill the new filter with? funnel and small pipe?
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Has any one tried suckin the fuel through to the filter with one of those devices used for oil evacuation via the dipstick (I beleave some garagres used them instead of draining the oil via the sump plug).I just had thought that this might be an easy method for me to adopt being a hi anual miler and needing to change the fuel filter more often most due to business use.
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Just to let you all know,I have just refitted the old filter,cranked her over and she started and ran. So the answer IS to prime the new filter with fuel. I have just bought a 60ml syringe from fleabay and plan to use this to prime the new filter with unless anyone else has any tips.Cheers Mike
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I visited my local parts factor and purchased a oil syringe pump (sealey brand 0047) £10.99 and a fuel can. when I got home I simply sucked up some fuel with the syringe and despenced into the inlet side of the filter,despenced the leftover back into fuel can,fitted new filter and bobs you're uncle shes running a dream again. My Mondeo started first time so this is the way to go for me from now on. 100,000 miles and countingMike.

ps would be welcome if the origional poster had replied with how they got on
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Thumbs up Mondeo Diesel Fuel Filter

I have a 2004 LX TDI. Haynes says you do not have to prime the new filter i.e. fill it with clean fuel.
I followed that and the car ran for 10 seconds. I tried turning it over but the battery ran flat, sucking the fuel, using a drill driven pump, unscrewed the injectors then turned it over but nothing worked.
Got my son to tow me and after 3 goes it ran and runs better than ever.
You have to watch the glow plug will flash....turn it off and back on again when it goes out put it in gear again...took me 3 goes.
Be warned that if you turn it over too much you could ruin your starter motor!
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My knowledge of cars is Zero so probably about the same as most ford mechanics.My Mondeo 2005 Tdi was very sluggish so I went on a few forums looked at a few diagrams and took the plastic manifold cover off, it was full of black soot cleaned it and the car ran better but not great.
I went to Ford and picked up a fuel filter and the mechanic (spotty little lad) said just unclip the old one and place the new one on Hmmmmmmmm Ok I said.
I got home and took the old filter off and replaced it with the nice EMPTY new one and the car started then stopped and wouldn't start. I called Ford to be told it should have been done by a mechanic and the fuel filter should have been filled first and I needed to call a breakdown/recovery or get a mobile mechanic to sort it but it is a big job,I told him great and slammed the phone down.

I decided to turn the ignition to on then pump the gas for about five seconds then turn ignition off, I did this about 15 times then I unclipped the 3 connectors off the fuel pump and sucked the middle nozzel (fuel out) for a few seconds and I got a wonderful taste of diesel.....
I then connected the 3 connectors back on to the pump and pumped the gas peddle for a few seconds and turn the engine....started straight away and now drives like a dream.

Whatever you get told by a Ford mechanic double check because they could be wrong and I hope my information helps if you need to change your fuel filter.


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Hi guys i hope you can help

I have a 2.0 diesel tdci 2003 mondeo estate.

for about a week now i have had to call out recovery 2 times and broken down 3 times. Still now the car wont start. i think and so do the recovery guys that there is a fuel problem.

after it broke down first time i had noticed on the motorway it was shuddering and acting strange and the management system kept kicking in and reducing my speed. once i got to come off a junction and at traffic lights it died and would not start.

now already i know the 2nd injector is dyeing but for over a year the car has worked and only becomes a problem if revving up in high gears past the 2.5k mark.

i managed to get the car towed back to a yard and take off what was a suspected fuel filter problem then put a air hose through it to clean it out, replaced this and tried to get the car running. no joy as the fuel looks to not being pulled through.

so put the air hose through the petrol cap entry and blast the petrol through the filter while the middle connector on filter was off and diesel streamed out very well.

put the connector back on and within 1 hour after being left it was working.

next day car would not start again after being used for 20 miles the previous day. recovery out again but this time i replaced the fuel filter with a new one i had bought just in case and still would not start. the mechanic opened air filter and sprayed easy start into engine and then the car was working. turned it off and on and it started up easy. ran it for 40 miles yesterday with a break in the day of several hours.

problem thought to be ok until this morning when again it wont start. its clicking over but not starting. someone has suggested there could be air leaking into the fuel system from some where.

how do i check if true without spending lots of cash, how do i bleed this out? i have limited budget right now so any help would be great. apparently bleeding air out of the fuel system is easy so i am keen to try this.

other possible problems someone has mentioned is that maybe the lift pump is not working or that it is the actual injector?

does anyone have a clue what i am describing? plus could help? I need to resolve this tomorrow or sunday in time for work next week.

kind regards
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