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  1. tabetha
    06-03-2010 09:21 PM
    Best way is to probe the iggy barrel, for permanent live, accessory live, position 2 live and start.
    RED is permanent, black is switched live(ie after the switch, ie output), accessory is normally yellow, starter will be black and a tracer, normally blue, so black blue.
    I'll do what I can but not familiar with these, know a man who is though!!
  2. opposite lock
    06-03-2010 08:55 PM
    opposite lock
    Hi Tabetha thanks for penciling me in , was thinking be good to do rewire at same time if ok pump and fans if poss being as summer is coming?
    Ive also got something i,d like you too look at for me quickly, im sure it wont take you long to work out, i have a pal building an xr2t (cvh) mfi setup using the the 2 ecu,s . hearts n diamonds. We have a loom for the engine and ive identified pretty much all of it. Just need the lives and permanent lives explained and looked at if poss. We have the pink and brown ke relays. I have learnt more recently how the relay works and im confident the loom will be perfectly fairly simple to wire in. All i gotta try n work out is what exactly wire wise is on the ign switch /barrell . Be superb if you could give me an proper idea of how it works. Anyways i,ll stop rambling spk soon mate
    Mike s-o-s
  3. opposite lock
    20-02-2010 01:46 PM
    opposite lock
    Hi there tabetha hows it going, wondered if you could help a little, i did post up but no response. (i,m shit at wording things sometimes maybe)
    I got issues with rear lights etc , cleaned the terminal on the actual cluster , the wiring in the plug seems ok ish but still no joy. indicators are making fogs go on, light work n dont work etc. Is it possible to change the wiring ends inside the plugbox?? also mate i plan to visit you again if thts ok and get my fuel/fan looms sorted?
    Cheers mate , Mike
  4. tabetha
    15-02-2010 06:54 PM
    What headbolt are you using ?, if the std ford stretch bolts then do to ford setting.
    If ARP stud and nut kit, then the holes need cleaning out, the studs checking for length so they don't bottom out, then there can be no cracking, then I would do in stages, 40, 80 120lbft, allow to rest by leaving for a minimum of 3-4 hours, but longer is ok, ie overnight if wanted, then retorque to 120lbft.
  5. chriscossie
    14-02-2010 10:47 PM
    hello mate thanks for your help last time the problem was the bottom crank sensor.
    can you help me with head bolt setting for my car i am putting a group A head gasket on it thanks chris.
  6. opposite lock
    06-02-2010 08:55 PM
    opposite lock
    hehehe thts why i got leather lol. I do detailing if ya need to sort the stains out hahe lol, cheers for web add i,ll see what i can do ! cheeRS Tabetha i,ll let ya know when i can get to ya
  7. tabetha
    06-02-2010 05:00 PM
    Hi Mike,
    I'll dig the addy out in the morning, the pump rewire and fan rewire are easy, get both done in a day no problem, if you come up I'll show you how to do it, it's easy, and less than £5 in parts as well.
    Just got to clean me rear seat now, there's a funny brown stain where you were sitting!!
  8. opposite lock
    06-02-2010 04:40 PM
    opposite lock
    Hi there mate just got back, cheers once again for today tht was very trusting of you so thanks , you dont know us at all , top man.
    The 4th gear pull was great even tho i did shit meself, soz about tht felt very smooth , im definately gonna get the ecu and setup, i,ll order a pulley n come over n let u sort it . Also would like to have the looms for pump n fans done soon too tht would be cool. Once the weather sorts itself i,ll come up in the near future , catch up soon watch them camera,s lol. Oh n do u have a web address for the speeding letters? Mike
  9. opposite lock
    05-02-2010 08:32 PM
    opposite lock
    Hi there again i did ring you today but you wasnt about, i did leave a message , its no prob mate but was wondering if your about tommorow should be late mornin time if you are . my number is 07976 300612 cheers Mike
  10. tabetha
    31-01-2010 09:50 PM
    Some of the earlier ecu's are indeed upgradeable, to check I would need the serial number, then karl can tell me, as it's from a certain number onwards.

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