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Car torched!

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I'd fuckin cripple him..... I've been done for aggravated assault with intent to cause death a coupla times... got off..... fuck with my kids or my car and yer fucked
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As a few have said - Revenge is a dish best served cold!
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Originally Posted by Hobomassiv View Post
Also punch your ex in the cunt.

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This is all about timing.

leave it and let it all calm down, then when he's least expecting it, dish the revenge out.
if you go in now all guns blazing, he will be expecting it and will, no doubt involve the police.

people who cause agro hate it when they dont get a response, because they dont know what you are thinking.

as the saying goes:

"the quiet ones are the worst"

i'd find out what his routine is from day to day, where he goes etc and i'd make a point of 'bumping into him' one night, when he's least expecting it and exact my revenge.
preferably at night when he's on his own, with no witnesses
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let the dust settle for a long while then slowly but sureley get your revenge mate
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Originally Posted by Darylc. View Post
With him in it
Yeah, put him in the car and set alight to it again
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I'm from the generation of what goes around comes around and something very similar would be happening to him on a regular basis,the guys a cunt,setting fire to your car cos some fucking slag told him too,she would have to be doing some very evil stuff for me to ever get me to do that to someones prized possession.

The saying goes to "always hit someone in their pocket" so that would be my first route,physical violence can come much much later.

You could also tell her you've got done sti/aids from some slag you were bumming behind her back,be funny to see them both down the clinic with you spreading nasty rumours about the whore all for nothing.
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