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Fattony66 13-08-2018 02:34 PM

MK4 (Lx) Front Fog lights installation
Yes, another front fog lights installation issue!

I'll keep it short:
  • Car wasn't fitted with front fog lights, obtained a switch, orangey solenoid, lights and supported bumper grill
  • Interior Switch connector and cable located behind the dashboard, but there is no fog light(s) connector located behind the front bumper
  • Plan to wire it all myself, but being a perfectionist I've opted to place solenoid and fuse within the fusebox under the bonnet as it would be like from factory
  • My fusebox assembly looks like this, I cannot seem to get access to "underneath" the fuse and solenoid assembly to modify, any ideas??
  • Cabling looks crammed for interior on earth would I even get a wire into the cabin from the bonnet fusebox??
  • Has anyone done this before with the same configuration and how was it achieved??
  • In the Haynes manual it mentions connecting a pole from the interior switch into the Multifunction Electronics Module along with one pole from the relay energising coil...any idea why they do this? Can I not just connect the energising coil to a supply rail?
Any help is appreciated!

RichieST 13-08-2018 04:01 PM

I would have thought if the plug is there by the switch, all interior wiring should be there, were there pins in the socket in the fuse box?

Fattony66 14-08-2018 06:17 PM

I would have thought that too, but apparently not :-( there is no wiring past the switch.

The fuse socket has pins where the spotlight fuse should be but its shared with another peripheral, you basically swap the 3A fuse for a 15A fuse. However, the relay socket is non-existent

Fattony66 12-01-2019 06:29 PM

So after millions of months later I finally installed the front fog lights and its relatively easy to do!

The main issue I had was the fog light switch is only connected to the ECU and there's no fog light connector at the front. There was one connector on the driver side of the car which fitted the fog light connector but this is NOT for fog lights and is part of the A/C system.

At the fog light switch-end there was a purple connector, but its not connected to any relay. However, its connected to the main ignition relay and the dashboard lighting, which will provide enough current to drive a relay coil....not the fog lights!. I spliced 2 switch cables and connected a relay coil (PA66-6F25) in parallel, wiring up using spade type crimps (the red ones) as shown below:

Fog Light interior switch (Pin 1 - Orange) to Relay Coil (Pin 1 - Orange)
Fog Light interior switch (Pin 4 - Black) to Relay Coil (Pin 2 - Black)

When the fog light interior switch was pressed, the relay would click! I placed this arrangement behind the radio for ease of access, make sure no conductors are exposed!

The second part was to route a 20A cabling from the battery to the inside of the car, along with 2x 10A cables which will connect to each fog light, providing a +ve voltage. By following this video, I was able to do this without destroying the car or drilling!
(from 1:28)

I connected the 20A cable to an in-line blade fuse housing and fitted the appropriate fuse (ideally to match your lights, but I used a 25A fuse as I know the cabling will not melt at this current draw). I connected the other end of the in-line blade fuse housing to the relay coil (Pin 5) using a spade type crimp (a yellow one).
I took the two 10A cables and binded them together by crimping them into another spade type crimp (a yellow one) and plugged it into the relay coil (Pin 3).

Under the bonnet there is a cable tray on the right, I placed the two 10A cables through that, I terminated one 10A cable to one fog light using a spade type connector (a blue one) and terminated the second 10A cable to the other fog light. For neatness, I ran the 20A cable through the plastic cable tray which carries the main battery cable.

The next part was creating a connection to each fog light and terminating to the body, this created the ground reference....and thats it!!

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