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I have many saffs and 3 doors running up to 350bhp and always wanted an escos and missed out on a few cheapies over the years as couldnt bring myself to part with the 3 door. My escos is bt and runs about 365 feels slow in comparrison to my rwd saffs. My first 4be and i have to say i absolutly love it and one of my fav rs so far. So useable in the wet great on track days and fast enough although not same sentation as the old rwd saffs.
As said above 2wd converted ones come up regular. (Dont like the wet though in 2wd format as to short and very twitchy)
Just feels so special driving it and so more modern compared to the old saffs.
I have said this will be my last Coswroth as i will move onto focus rs after this.

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